Strategies of Control / How did we lose the Library?


Magic Show

gallery was set up as a stage

open call for people to come and perform magic tricks during the exhibition

Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s Newfoundland Canada     



Installation of Exquisite Corpse:
3 separate sound tracks for each corresponding
Trinitron Monitor can be faintly heard, or one can choose to listen to a paricular monitor:

The top monitor / head of the video body:



Are you Ready?! Choir

This piece began as a solo performance in which I introduced myself during an artist talk. Some of the audience would then greet me by calling out this phrase. In relation to our social bond, the phrase became our anthem and I started the choir.

This spontaneous choir responds to hand signs to trigger different sounds. Anyone may join the choir and quickly understand how movements trigger sounds based on my simple score & choir sheet

(Performance still)
Banff Center for the Arts, Rice Studios, performance on “Soiree TV”
10 min.