The Bureau for the Future of Choreography: Flowchart Project

mixed media installation: timeline and terminology /historicizing vocabulary graphed onto the space, books, lecutures, and projections of flowcharts, silk-screening station

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography is an apparatus that collectively builds performance, experiences and documents.  We strive for group decision-making and explore not only group dynamics but also states of embodiment as well as myths of individual and collective authorship.

I have been a core member of this group for the last 3 years, my involvement beginning with our first project.  I play and perform many roles within this narrative system of authorship.

In the American Realness Festival (pictured below), I built the installation and was onsite for the duration of the festival silk-screening Bureau flowcharts upon donated & appropriated clothing.

The BFC solicited Flowcharts and initiated the Archive of Flowcharts and Timelines, scheduled talks.  The BFC silk-screened and gave away Tee shirts promoting dance and set up an open platform for people to write their experience of performance.

Our Timeline installed, and written upon, day 5: